pro clima: Project Development Review

pro clima approached me about designing a character based on an existing kangaroo logo for their eco-conscious insulation supply company. I developed hundreds of illustrations

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Chemtech Scientific: Portfolio Review

I designed and created Chem Kong, a fierce-but-lovable gorilla, as a logo for the laboratory supply company ChemTech Scientific. After developing the character across their

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When that big unblinking eye is staring you down, the only thing to do is stare right back at it.

Stare Down The Elephant and Conquer Your Doubts

In this case study I will share some of the strategies I have learned from the most challenging of my experiences in illustration and character design and how I conquered them. I will be looking back at the “Kangaroo is You” campaign and the mountain of challenges it posed – the first of which almost barred my entry.

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