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My illustrations bring presentations, learning material & documentation to life
My illustrations bring blogs, books
& websites to life
My illustrations bring newsletters, brochures & advertisements to life

You value learning, comprehension, and engagement. Here’s how I help:

Case Study: 75 Ethics Illustrations

"Josh has been a great colleague sharing his inspiration and reinforcing my confidence in this project. He suggested an agreement that never failed over more than 75 illustrations. He is creative and business-like, a lovely combination to work with."

Dr. L. Peter Apedaile
Author of “Nurturing Ethics in Governance"

Service: Proposal

The first challenge was narrowing down the potential illustrations. We settled on 75 illustrations for the 250-page book, which provides the reader with a cartoon every few pages.

service: Character design

We explored many characters before finding the right ones. Bird characters jumped out for their playful antics and curiosity, complementing the complex text.

service: Project management

Keeping projects on-track and on-budget means precise oversight and a direct channel of communication every step of the way

service: Bespoke illustration

The right illustration illuminates, not overshadows. Work in progress drafts are sent to the client each step of the way.

Here's what my clients say

Josh captures our vision of the project, but adds more value with his creative recommendations. He has a great eye for detail and is very TECHNICALLY SAVVY, making himself a VALUABLE ASSET to any project.

He exceeded our expectations. His UNDERSTANDING of our project added value to his work. Josh can illustrate anything from A to Z and delivers excellent final products.
Chemtech Scientific
We worked with quite a few artists prior to getting exactly what we wanted, which is great artwork, CREATIVITY, excellent and constant COMMUNICATION through the project. Josh is all of this and more. He has good INTUITION INTO OUR BUSINESS and the TASTE OF OUR CUSTOMERS to whom we market.

He is creative, passionate and VERY SKILLED with a customer-centric attitude. He has CREATED VALUE for our company WITH HIS TALENTS.
Ajikabe, Inc.
Josh is an EXCELLENT CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL whose natural character-driven cartoon artistry was very EFFECTIVE at ARTICULATING abstract business CONCEPTS. His communication throughout the collaboration was OUTSTANDING- highly RESPONSIVE and able to take on creative input and ideas and run with them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOSH as a collaborative artist to help you bring your ideas to life.
Coxswain Alliance

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